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Event Notification API

posted this on 19 March 2013, 13:07

The Bango Event Notification service sends notifications about selected events related to your mobile store or services directly to your servers. Events are sent to you as XML documents via HTTP or HTTPS.

You can use Event Notification for:

  • Subscription activity - find out when subscriptions are:
    • Started
    • Renewed
    • Cancelled
  • Marketing - find out when users opt in/out of marketing
  • Payments - get detailed information whenever a payment is made

Alongside the event source/action, the event notification service will also send supporting data for the event. This is normally a list of object IDs in the Bango system associated with this event (e.g. the User ID, the Bango Number and the Subscription ID).


API versions

When we update our APIs to add new functionality we also update the version number. Older versions will, in time, be discontinued and unsupported.

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of an API when it is made available to ensure that you are always on a fully supported version and can take advantage of features that have been added or improved since the previous version.

New API versions will be announced on our Dev Blog. We recommend that you sign up for email updates from the blog so you are informed of new API versions as well as other important developments from Bango.


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