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Direct Billing web service API - In-app billing without the need to open a browser

posted this on 19 March 2013, 13:07

Collect customer payments from within mobile applications without the need for a web browser. Collect one-time payments or ongoing subscriptions via carrier billing or credit card using our Direct Billing API.

  • Collect mobile payments without the need for a web browser
  • Direct Billing API integration gives you total control of the payment experience from within your app, simply tell us who to bill and for how much
  • Carrier billing is available on USA and UK mobile networks
  • Credit card billing is available but is not enabled by default. If you would like to make credit card payment via direct billing please contact us to request this feature
  • Works on all mobile platforms
  • Direct Billing Terms and Conditions apply in addition to Standard Bango Payment Terms and Conditions
  • A Premium service level is needed to take advantage of Direct Billing


To request access to Direct Billing log into your package and select the Setup and Config tab, then select Web Service APIs from the menu on the left (you will need administrator permissions on your package).


Additional functionality to obtain users billing details is also provided in the User Information API (see GetMobileIdentityCode and CheckMobileIdentityCode) and Event Notification service (see MOBILEIDENTITY events).



API versions

When we update our APIs to add new functionality we also update the version number. Older versions will, in time, be discontinued and unsupported.

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of an API when it is made available to ensure that you are always on a fully supported version and can take advantage of features that have been added or improved since the previous version.

New API versions will be announced on our Dev Blog. We recommend that you sign up for email updates from the blog so you are informed of new API versions as well as other important developments from Bango.



Click here to find out about browser based billing from within your app.


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